the remembered land


„The Remembered Land“ follows climate change back in time in a historical comparison. 10.000 Years ago „Doggerland“ or „Northsealand“ was a thriving area between todays United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Germany. The end of the ice age and giant glacial melting events lead to huge sea level changes in ancient Europe. Where today water covers the landscape, settlers in earlier times built the first European settlements and forgotten societies. How did these early societies adjust to the drastical changes surrounding them? Traces of Doggerland can still be found along the beaches of Europe, displaying the former ca. 90.000 sq.ft. dry plain.

 This projects seeks to recall and rediscover the traces and landmarks of Doggerland through an interactive mapping, starting from „Jernhatten“ in Denmark. An Area, which is a nature preserve today and formerly supposed to be part of Doggerland. 

This project is coming soon!